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The bonkura clan request by zkfanart
The bonkura clan request
The Bonkura clan :iconthe-bonkura-clan: asked me for an art with Max Tate (Beyblade) cosplaying the outfit dressed by the gals from the anime Umineko. I drew him with my wrestler OC Zander (right) wearing a similar outfit XD In the middle, both with the coats out ;)
Hope ya like!
Max Tate (Beyblade) c Takao Aoki
Umineko c Ryukishi07
Zander c :iconzkfanart:


The Bonkura clan :iconthe-bonkura-clan: me pediu para desenhar o Max Tate (Beyblade) vestindo o uniforme das personagens do anime/manga Umineko. Por outro lado, eu desenhei ele junto com meu OC Zander (à direita) em um uniforme semelhante. No meio, desenhei os dois sem a casaca. XDD
Espero que gostem!


The Bonkura clan :iconthe-bonkura-clan: me pidio para dibujar a Max Tate (Beyblade) en la ropa de los chars del anime/Manga Umineko. Aca esta! Y yo dibuje a el con mi OC Zander, en una ropa similar. En el centro, los dos sin los abrigos. Espero que les guste!
Starwarsfannick request by zkfanart
Starwarsfannick request
Starwarsfannick :iconstarwarsfannick: asked me to draw Max Tate and Mariam (Beyblade) at the beach, in swimwear, kissing and underwater ^^ So here they are!
Max Tate and Mariam (Beyblade) c Takao Aoki


Starwarsfannick :iconstarwarsfannick: me pediu para desenhar o Max Tate e a Mariam (Beyblade) na praia, beijando e debaixo da água, em roupa de banho. Ai está! Espero que gostem ^^


Starwarsfannick :iconstarwarsfannick: me pidio para dibujar a Max Tate y  Mariam en la playa, besando y en la agua, en ropa de baño. Espero que les guste!
Spoon300 request by zkfanart
Spoon300 request
Spoon300 :iconspoon300: asked me to draw the chars Jun Ushiro (left), Takashi Waku (center) and Moji Kunihiko (right),  from the anime/manga series Bokurano, dressed with Kingdom-Hearts inspired clothes.
So, here they are! Hope ya like.
Bokurano c Mohiro Kitoh


Spoon300 :iconspoon300: me pediu para desenhar os seguintes personagens do anime/manga Bokurano: Jun Ushiro (esquerda), Takashi Waku (centro) and Moji Kunihiko (direita). Ele pediu para que eu os desenhasse vestindo roupas no estilo Kingdom Hearts. Espero que gostem! ^^


Esa arte es un request de Spoon300 :iconspoon300:, que pidio para dibujar a Jun Ushiro (isquierda), Takashi Waku (centro) and Moji Kunihiko (derecha), chars del anime/manga Bokurano, en ropas inspiradas de Kingdom Hearts. Espero que les guste!
Request from LaytonJoaquinLuv by zkfanart
Request from LaytonJoaquinLuv
:iconlaytonjoaquinluv: asked me to draw her OCs Vivi and Lewis, at the beach. Hope ya like!
Lewis, Vivi c :iconlaytonjoaquinluv:


Essa arte é um request de :iconlaytonjoaquinluv: . Ela pediu para desenhar os seus OCs Vibi e Lewis na praia. Espero que gostem!


Esa arte es un request de :iconlaytonjoaquinluv:, que pidio para dibujar a sus OCs Vibi y Lewis en la playa. Espero que les guste!
Gift for Vampireknife777 part 3
This art is a gift for an amazing artist from Brazil, Vampireknife777 :iconvampireknife777:, who is a JoJo Bizarre Adventure fan, as well draw really cool arts.... and drew for me many nice fanarts of my chars. And I never drew anything for him.... is time to post something as return for all the arts he drew for me!
So here they are! This is the third part. It´s the match! Koji and Luca rcontinue to play hard with Skylar and Jack Clack! Well, due to this, I added mature filter, due to moderate violence.....
Koji now have fun with Skylar and Luca plays with Jack Clack. You all see who will win this match....
Is a tag team match!
Hope ya all like!
Koji, Luca c :iconvampireknife777:
Skylar, Jack Clack c :iconzkfanart:


Essa arte é um presente para o Vampireknife777 :iconvampireknife777:, um cara incrível, fã de JoJo Bizarre Adventure.... e que desenhou várias vezes os meus OCs. É tempo de retribuir esses desenhos, e aqui está a terceira parte.
É a PORRADA! XDDDDD Koji e Luca estão aplicando uma porrada nos dois... e por isso tive de adicionar um mature filter, por via das dúvidas.
Koji agora dá uma lição no Skylar e o Luca se diverte com o Jack Clack.
Vcs já sabem quem vai levar a melhor na luta....
Espero que gostem e desculpem os erros!


Esa arte es un regalo para mi amigo brasileño Vapireknife777 :iconvampireknife777: . Esa es la tercera parte, en la lucha ^^
Espero que les guste!
As usual, new journal after LOOOONG time... Steph will try get me for not update it, as usual :icondragonkekeplz:
The usual. Workin a lot at college, but enjoying the summer and the winter breaks and with loads of arts to do, comments to do or reply comments, blah blah blah ;) But I need start drawing more OCs of mine! :icondragontail1: And doing some exercise, I am quite chubby. At least going to the doctor.

Aw, gotta a premium membership for three months from :iconmightygoodrum: Thanks a lot, buddy!

Thanks a lot for you all for the 100k views! Thanks for all the support in all those years! :w00t::highfive::la::iconlascrollplz::iconcrazylaplz::iconlacrazyplz::iconpotatolaplz::iconfurrylaplz::iconmikulaplz::iconinulaplz: And in seven years of DA ^^ LOL, time goes by faaaaaaast!
And +400 arts.... I am crazy ^^;

And for all friends, forgive me for takin so long for commenting arts and replying comments! ^^;

Also would like let clear I am against this absurd that is the SOPA and PIPA law projects. Just using "soft" words: It�s the usual: a good reason, a reasonable idea�. being used to do something that will just cause more problems than solve! Appears that people is being already arrested� is important to see if is true, but if is true, well, hope this stops as soon as possible.
Soldjermon :iconsoldjermon: already informed that the Megauploads was shut down and its owner arrested. Even in New Zealand, a possible reflection of the Pipa/Sopa voting?
The war against SOPA and PIPA is just beginning!breaking development from what I had researched today, as well as my close friends relaying the information; MEGAUPLOAD has been shut down from the federal prosecutors and the founder of the website had been arrested.
sounds horrible, right? well, it is; because I actually used the website to host my own files that needed to be shared and now I can't even access to them anymore - especially when I actually try to use their IP addresses to get to them.
now you get to wonder, how and why would the federal government do this when SOPA&PIPA are not even passed yet?
well, it's because that the MPAA and the RIAA(at least) have major control over most of the internet; which is because of the DMCA(Digital Millennium Copyright Act) which was passed and made into law back in early 2000's.
also, these HUGE corporations of the entertainment industries and the federal government want to control the people, control their own copyrighted work and make sure that their stuff isn't copied illegal…
Remember: a good idea frequently can be used for evil purposes� combat piracy is one thing, use this for shut down internet is another. As Soldjermon already shows on her fic ^^

Well, that�s it... ahn, yeah, and have the tags ^^
Well, :iconbrokenzero::iconeh-gaby::iconekkusu-chan: tagged me, their taggs are similar.... I�ll not post the rules, just to reduce the mess of my journal, as well not tagg others =P
Ten (more) things about meeeeeeee
1 � I got a leather blazer (with hoodie) this Xmas.. I was needing a new one and it looks nice ^^ My other blazers are all so dirty and old�
2 � I also like (and have) boots ^^ Even I prefer use sneakers or common shoes outdoors, sometimes I use them, specially at night ;)
3 � I got addicted by Minecraft�
4 � I may develop obsessions, I think I need go to the doctor to see if I need pills: for instance� want draw gift arts to all my watchers! Don�t ask me how much I should do�. ^^;
5 � I have a nasty "dark side": I left all bad memories well inside my "memory freezer" instead forget them, which makes me have "contained rage" (feel enraged, but not show it). This is specially common when I am stressed ^^; I NEED STOP THIS ^^;
6 � I like read lots, and gotta loads a-books at project Gutemberg or buyng books (specially second-hand ones, so cheap) ;) But I have more books than I can read! ^^;
7 � CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconranranruuplz: Also addicted in Light Coke�.
8 � DA arts from my friends are one of the ways I like relax, specially the humorous ones ;)
9 � I  am radical when I wake up: when workin, I woke up 5:20 AM. When not workin, I wake up 11:00 AM lol!
10 � I appreciate history and military affairs, read books about this as well watch videos, like the "Battlefield" series. BUT I AM LAAAAZAY FOR STRATEGY GAMES� the only and only game I play regurlaly is Minecraft! =P

Enough? ;)

Always a special thanks to :iconsirenexe:  :hug: :hug: :hug: She made a fan club for me ^^; *blushes* is :iconzkfanart-fc:  she lemme so happy ^^ :glomp: Thankies, hun ^^
:iconjinzoki: did my icon! Take a look at his gallery
Also please take a look at :iconkurosama-76: gallery. He is an awesome artist from Colombia and his artworks and photos are fantastic! ^^

Ink lineart complete: gifties and requests from :iconathenaasamiyaishida1::icongymnastixjenny::iconendromida::iconiza200117::icondr-scaphandre::icondangerman-1973::iconjessyka-paty-chanx::icontdwinnerfordinner::iconshinn3::iconnumbsoul:
Pencil lineart complete: gifties and/or requests for::iconroadroncho::iconjeticus::iconwhite-rose-brian::iconalaxr274::iconkefron::iconmastersaruwatari::iconstrykeforce2005:
Pencil lineart in progress: gifties and requests for:
For the ones who will get a gift: if you have a suggestion for the art, I will be pleased to follow it.

See ya next journal! ^^

Gift  Ren Hondo Fan Button by iza200117


Z King
Favourite genre of music: Rock (80´s), MPB
Personal Quote: "Eu te amo calado/como quem ouve uma sinfonia/de silêncio e de luz..."(Lulu Santos)

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